COVID-19 Rules


COVID-19 Response Plan
In an effort to re-open Yorba Linda Gymnastics Academy to students and staff, management will enact the following rules, regulations, and policies to safeguard the health of everyone who passes through our doors. We take the health of our staff, students, and parents/guardian very seriously. Below are the measures that will be in enacted to satisfy the Orange County Health guidelines:

Taking these steps will allow Orange County Health Officials.

1. If a parent of gymnast feels ill, stay home.

2. Upon entering the facility, temperature checks will be made.
The accepted temperature range for all shall be between 97.5°F and 98.9°F. Students and parents found to be above this temperature will be asked to return home for the safety of others.

3. Gym Indoor Traffic pattern
Directional arrows have been placed upon the floor of the gym to guide both students and parents through the facility in a one-way fashion. The entrance will remain at the front door and exit will be through the ballet room.

4. Face Masks
Yorba Linda Gymnastics Academy will follow guidance and recommendations provided by the US CDC and the Orange County Health Department regarding the use of cloth face masks. Parents will be asked to observe this practice while inside of the facility. Gymnasts and coaches are not expected to wear face masks during class.

5. Staff Wellness Checks
All Yorba Linda Gymnastics Academy employees and coaches will undergo a wellness check at the beginning of every shift.

6. Facility and Equipment Sanitation
Staff members will sanitize and disinfect surfaces and high contact areas of the gym. Bathrooms will be cleaned and disinfected regularly along with the gymnast locker room and parent viewing area.

7. Handwashing
Handwashing will be mandatory for all students and coaches at the beginning and end of each class. Coaches will place an emphasis of keeping hands out of faces. Hand sanitizer will be located through the gym for the use of both gymnasts and parents.

8. Social Distancing
Accommodations have been made in the lobby, parent viewing area, and the gymnastics area to ensure appropriate social distancing protocols are being followed.

9. Facility Occupancy
Yorba Linda Gymnastics Academy is observing all occupancy guidelines as recommended by
governmental agencies to prevent overcrowding. We are asking that parents with gymnasts over
the age of 7 remain in their vehicle or outside of the gymnastics facility during their child’s class.
It is also being requested that non-participant siblings not be brought to the gym.

10. Training
All Yorba Linda Gymnastics Academy staff will be trained and kept apprised of the most up to date
US CDC and Orange County Health Department regulations and recommendation for the
prevention of COVID-19.

Parents will assume all risks and hazards associated the COVID-19 virus and the possibility of contracting
the virus while in the performance and participation of gymnastics activities by themselves or their
child. All parents further agree to release from liability, indemnify, and hold harmless Yorba Linda
Gymnastics Academy from all illness related to the COVID-19 virus.

YLGA staff

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