Privacy Policy

Tuition and Registration:

Tuition is due in the last week of each Session, prior to the start of the next Sessions classes. Payments made after the payment week ends will incur and $25 late fee. There are no exceptions to this policy, except in the case of office error, as determined by the owners.
Session cancellations must be made 30 days before the last day of the students class, in order to avoid being charged tuition for the following Session. If tuition payments are not received by the 2nd week of the new Session the student will be dropped from class. This will help ensure that all students have the best instruction possible.
Tuition holds the students place in a class for the Session in which it is paid and is therefore non-refundable except for illness or injury. Documentation of illness or injury will be required for refund of classes not attended. Students should attend all classes unless in case of emergency; students who are late without excuse may be denied a make-up session. Students are allowed 2 make-up class per month, which must be made up during the scheduled make up time in the same month the class was missed.
Individuals who have never participated in a particular class may ''try out" a class for a free. Participation in more than one class is considered enrollment with Yorba Linda Gymnastics Academy, therefore individuals who attend classes beyond the initial trial class, are required to pay the $35 registration fee and Sessional tuition.
We do not send out statements but we do have auto pay and can charge any credit or debit card on the first week of a new Session, for your convenience and to assist in avoiding late fees. This charge is not linked to your account and can be stopped at any time. If you do not elect to use auto-pay, then on-time payment is your responsibility and late fees will apply after the first day of every new Session!

Rates and Policies:

Only students will be allowed in the gymnasium area. All parents, siblings and visitors will be able to view students from behind glass partition. Parents MUST watch their children at all times! There will be no horse play, wrestling, running, screaming, yelling or throwing of objects allowed at anytime. Cell phone calls are not allowed in the gym or front office area, as a courtesy to other students and guests.
Non-students will be asked to leave and not return if compliance with any of these policies becomes a problem. Students should wear clothing that is appropriate for athletic activity. Clothing should not be so tight or binding that it will prevent acrobatic movement.
No jeans, jewelry bracelets, watches or piercing of any kind are allowed during practice. Footies and socks are allowed if the students wishes. Hair must be in a hair tie unless it is cut short. Place shoes, bags, books, etc. in the provided cubby area in the gym. Shoes are not to be left in the gym walkways as a safety precaution and to adhere to fire code.
Only water or approved sport drink is permitted in the gym. No other food or drink is allowed in the gym or locker areas. Students must wait inside the building for their rides.
If a student leaves the building and/or premises without being accompanied by a guardian, Yorba Linda Gymnastics Academy cannot be held liable for their safety. Parents are welcome to speak to coaches regarding a child's progress and level advancement. All other questions and concerns are to be directed to the front desk

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